Patricia (Trish) Cregier, Owner & Founder of The North Shore Laser Center, LLC
 and The Collagen Connection, LLC, began her practice in 2005 under the medical direction of Luisa Kontoules, MD at Peabody Obstetrics & Gynocology.  She received her Master's degree in nutrition from NYU and served 10 years specializing in wellness with respect to nutrition, health education, public health, and personal training in New York City.

Patricia launched The North Shore Laser Center, LLC,  after relocating back to New England to start her family. The North Shore Laser Center, LLC  provides premier laser hair removal treatments and medical-grade skin treatments. These include ©CollagenizerNEO, ©HyaPenPro, and ©PlasmaPenUSA. Trish has achieved advanced certifications in her speciality and has over 15 years of practice.

In 2017, she was approached with a new and upcoming treatment opportunity utilizing the CollagenizerNEO 4. The Collagen Connection, LLC was created and given exclusive rights to The CollagenizerNEO 4.  The Collagen Connection, LLC  has developed a USA-made, organic, medical-grade product line. It utilizes the highest quality grade collagen product found in the world today.  Our product is developed specifically for The CollagenizerNEO 4 as well as medical wound clinics.  It is available worldwide and offered exclusively through The Collagen Connection, LLC.     Dr. Arthur Shektman, owner of Wellesley Cosmetic Surgery, is the medical director of Patricia Cregier’s practices.